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This is going to be long and would contain pictures and would probably be very boring for all of you. But you know, I had to post this. It was literary gnawing on my mind for days.

Honestly to God I didn’t know how to start this. I wanted to write about my fashion wishlist, the list of things that I would love to own when I am incredibly rich (and all that). Than I realized that I mainly salivating over men’s fashion items. Well, quite understandable, since some of the things, i.e. cars and watches, are much more stylish and cool than those made for women in my opinion. Why? Because it seems like many designers believe that creating a watch for a lady would require only adding a bunch of diamonds, couple of hearts and obnoxious words like ‘love’ and it would be perfectly sell-able. Did I mention a complete abuse of pink and violet colours? Ugh, yeah.

So, to make the matter simpler, I am going to post here various items which I liked, regardless of whether they are made for men or women. After all, everyone can have their own weaknesses.

To quote Bernard from The Black Books, “The whores will have their trinkets.”

And here we come to another thing, which would dominate this post: the TV shows. Our fashion preferences are heavily influenced by mass media. The glitery world of fashion has penetrated every movie, music video or a TV show. The designers use the mere seconds of screen time to advertise their ingenuity and to show off their creations. A lot of things are made especially for a certain movie or a show and later are released as a limited edition. Cellphones, cars, coats, rings and necklaces. Everything and anything is made for a sake of fashion.

To manipulate the mind of a viewer is very simple. Who wouldn’t want to have a car like James Bond’s or a dress like Angelina Jolie’s? We do. We want to be as beautiful, as smart, as elegant, as thin, as rich (you name it) as those who are dressed in those beautiful garments and driving those sleek cars. And to be those people, we want to own those things. This is how advertisement and fashion work.

Well, I am one of those sad humans (haha), so just like any of others I am influenced by what I see on TV. Thank goodness, I also happen to have some ideas of my own, otherwise I would have been poor as a church mouse. 

But I have told you nothing new so far. So I’d better start talking about the fashion styles I like in the mass media and things that I don’t like at all.

Well, first and foremost my favourite modern BBC adaptation Sherlock. I love everything about his show. Everything. But I liked from the very SECOND of it, is the way Sherlock dresses in this show. There is a wonderful albeit short article on the matter - How Sherlock became stylish, so I’m not going to repost things said their. Except for one thing. The coat.

This is a Belstaff coat for over a 1300 pounds. And apparently after the first season of the show the demand for this coat became very high.  As said here, "It’s made of genuine pure wool Irish tweed bonded with ultra-light microporous film which makes it waterproof." Admittedly, the price is a bit too much, but I can’t deny the fact that the coat is damn sexy.

Or maybe it’s sexy Benedict. Can’t say. I’m eternally biased. Besides I always had a thing for men woollen coats, so this is just makes me double biased. Or whatever. 

Another thing which Belstaff made was a jacket for Iron Man 2. And many other action movies, by the way. The colours are red and gold and on any other jacket it would have looked odd. But it’s Tony Spark and it looks really cool.

Browsing through Belstaff women collection, I realised that I own a leather jacket, which is a bit similar to one in their collection. It’s called New Brad Jacket and most probably costs a fortune. Well, my jacket was bought almost ten years in Germany and it’s still brand new, so I am going to pretend that it really looks like one of Belstaff. XD

I’m not mentioning anything like suits or shirts or Dolce & Gabbana in one sentence. Because there is nothing sexier than a classic men’s suit (three-piece suit to boot) and everything made by D&G is golden.

And I just knew that the violet shirt Sherlock wears in the series just had to be ridiculously expensive.

Looking through website I found this Navy Double Breasted Trench Coat, Burberry London, which is nothing special in itself, but would have looked gorgeous on some one like Sherlock. Or Benedict Cumberbatch for that matter. Alas, the price is almost 700 pounds and it’s for men.

BUT later I found this beauty, Navy Bajjazo Coat, Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood. It’s stylish and it’s Vivienne Westwood and it is still not cheap, but slowly getting there.

There is another article about the Sherlock characters’ clothes called “Dress like Sherlock and Watson!”. The wardrobe is described their in various details. Read it. I found it rather fascinating. 

Enough with clothes.

Now, watches.

Lately I have been plagued with an obsessive idea that I want a new watch. It should have a round plate, a stainless steel case, leather bracelet, and, what’s more importantly, have Roman numerals and have a small window to show a clock work.

And you know what? It seems like it’s almost impossible to find such a watch.

And then I found this blog entry. And it turns out that the watch that Sherlock is wearing in the series is a freaking golden Breguet for almost $10,000! Christ. (I bet he got it from Mycroft and doesn’t really care how much it’s worth.)

And the worst thing about this watch (apart from ridiculous price)? It has a sapphire caseback. Which means you can see the insides. Damn you, Sherlock show producers for stealing my idea. Still, I want a watch with a clockwork view from the front. Although a caseback is also very cool. 

At first I thought it was Frederique Constant, Slimline Classic. They are a bit similar.

I like this watch. A lot. And it’s cheap, just around €380. But it only has pretty numbers and slim case. But I want a clockwork view. A skeleton. 

There is this beautiful Frederique Constant Persuasion watch, which is exactly how I want it (although the price is €1000). But it’s for men only.

And how fair is that?

Another watch which I find irresistibly alluring and that would look wonderfully on Sherlock (or John, because it has a more military air, although we all know, that he probably wouldn’t be able to afford it) is Breitling, Transocean. But again, it’s a very male watch.

So I’m still looking for a perfect watch. (sigh)

After watching Torchwood I became a hardcore fan not only of the show, but also of the car. Black intimidating Range Rover.

There is nothing special about this car. Except for the price. And that I want it. Really. But guess I have been told? It’s a male car. DON’T.

Well, I guess I could have one in red. (giggle) But it would be just wrong.

I think this post is getting too long (and out of control). So I’m leaving it at this. Maybe I will make another post on this matter.

So far. This is it.

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