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things i don’t want to do: go to work tomorrow

Who wants to go to work period.

I don’t know. I enjoy going to work actually because it means my days go by faster.

I wouldn’t mind sleeping in though.

I actually don’t mind it most of the time even if I do occasionally complain about work (because I’d rather lie around and watch tv 24/7 instead), but lately it’s been so much more of a chore than it usually is and I’m 300% sick of it.

Aww :( Sorry to hear that.
Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed too :(

lemonlament said: Is it just starting on Showcase or is it a second series? I have not followed this show at all, but I am intrigued.

Season 1 kicked off on BBC Canada last Sunday. It also starts on Showcase this Sunday at 10pm (I think). I keep seeing the commercial on Global. 

The premier in US is scheduled for June 22, I believe. (I am secretly very happy that we get it before US, lol.)

They have recently started filing season 2.

I love it (as you can tell by my tumblr recently) - give it a try! :) But the anon says it was cut on BBC Canada, so… :(


Anonymous asked:

I was watching The Musketeers on BBC Canada last Sunday, and saw that they cut a lot of good scenes out to make room for commercials. Not sure if Showcase will do the same, but it's not worth watching it like that.. :(

Oh really? :( That’s damn shame. Thanks for letting me know, anon. I wouldn’t want to pay extra money and see the cut version.

That made me feel less sad about not having the channels. 

I don’t know about Showcase but I am kind of not surprised about BBC Canada. Sad, but not surprised.

Anyone else in Canada who has Showcase and is going to watch it this Sunday?

I just wish we could support the show by watching it on cable, but seems like I will be watching my Bluray discs.


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