LOL koimizu this is not what I had in mind, but ok XDD

LOL koimizu this is not what I had in mind, but ok XDD

Please send me writing prompts

Ideas, scenes, random words. Or pictures. Anything.

I just need a bit of inspiration.

Thank you.

"A fantastic early birthday present! Can’t wait to come and sweat on the red carpet, applaud everyone else winning. And then get drunk and dance! Hurray!"

Benedict Cumberbatch’s reaction to his Emmy nomination for Sherlock 

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Well done team Sherlock!

Staggering 12 Emmy nominations!


They all deserve it.

I just went to my Flickr account

Which I always forget I own.
And I joined it in 2007.
And OMG it has photos there from that period (2007 and a bit later and then 2012) and it’s been ages and I don’t have those photos anymore.

Oh my god.
I am looking at those pictures of flowers and buildings and food and I can tell exactly when they were taken. And OMG. The memories.

I just can’t.



60 seconds with Tom Burke +

This is literally 90% of my dash right now. Thought I’d join in.

Mine too!
And I am NOT complaining ;)

I don’t know how it happened but both Beyoncé & Lady Gaga are performing tonight. They should totally crash each other shows & do Telephone together.

Imagine THAT!

We have an adorable kpop girl band as a opening gig for Lady Gaga. I repeat KOREAN POP GIRL BAND.



Me. Here. NOW!

Incredibly sorry for the Netherlands

Was rooting for you guys.

But relieved at the same time because Argentina is a no match for Germany.